Skys The Limit!!!!

I'm Excited! Are you excited? Well you should be =] Why? Just because, why not? I know I'm not top notch at these..but I recently found a few ladies who are just AWESOME & I know, that with us all pulling in and helping eachother out, we'll all be amazing Scrap Creators one day. Some of them are already well on their way...& kind enough to reach back a 'font hand' and grab onto people like me, who are just starting out but full of ambition. Thank you ladies, for being you ^___^

Okay - enough sapy stuff. If you download, won't you let me know what you think? How I'm doing?? What you like most?!?!? Takes just a minute..and means the world to people like me.

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Julie said...

It's beautiful! I LOVE it! Thanks so much for sharing! I especially like the bottle caps & the silver words... you're doing great...I'm just starting out doing tutorials. I hope that I can be as good as you some day! *hugs* Jewels

Keryn said...

This is absolutely stunning. Love the colours and the little bits. The more I look the more I see. Thanks for sharing.