Some more New Products!

Now this is something new for me. I LOVE styles - I could buy them until the cows come home & since I don't have any cows, that would be a long long time. Well I'm making them now - they can be a real hair puller when they want to be. I'm also going to be making a lot of my styles
Commercial Use 4 Commercial Use. Now that doesn't mean you can buy my styles and re-sell em like they are. Uh no, that's a no no. But what ever you make with my styles you can
sell as a commercial use product. It's pretty hard to find CU4CU and I don't blame anyone for that - hopefully this will help out just a touch though!

You can find this HERE

I plan to be working on more texture packs here very soon - textures have always been a vital part of my papers in my kits and even my layouts. It gives it a more personal feel to it.

You can find them HERE HERE or HERE

I don't know about all of you, but color charts can be a serious PITA. You hunt and peck and search and play hide n seek until you find one you like. You get there and ooooh and ahhhh
then ya see the download number....yeah - seems you're not the only one who likes it right?
Well - now I'm going to start doing color charts. Here's the kicker - my color chart grabs will
be sold ONLY 5 times. These two are down to 4 available.
They come in packs of 5 with 6 colors per chart - that's actually a lot of possibilities.

You can check these out HERE HERE HERE or HERE

Now I'm off to work some more, thanks for coming by!!

~*~ The Urban Fairy ~*~
~* Danielle *~