Both of my daughters we're born in September.
My youngest was born on the 15th - naturally I couldn't get a single good shot
of her - so that will have to wait until the birthday party. My oldest was born today
7 years ago. Now most kids want presents, special dinners, extended stays at the park..
stuff like that. Not MY daughter. Nope - she wanted to cut her lovely golden hair.
It being her birthday - I decided to let her and
Her father is going to have a heart attack when he sees & me?
Heck I haven't cried yet but I'm thinking about it.....



Time for "birthday dinner" aka PIZZA.

Be good!
~* Danielle S. *~


Stater said...

She looks cute!

Debbie said...


She looks adoreable and so grown up now. You have a very precious daughter there. Mine's 27 now. o help!

angel blessings to you always xxx