New Products + A Chance to Win + A Sale!!!

I have been a busy little me! Well, trying to be. I've been playing in my CS4 and working
on new stuff for my Zazzle Store! YES! I actually managed a couple of new designs! Was
very proud of myself - even got a TBA Award!!!!!!! ROCK ON!
I also got some new stuff ready for Halloween! Okay so it's only two packs
of goods right now but I'm workin on it! I've also been working on my physical self a bit!
I have lost 12lbs [ count em, TWELVE! ] & am down to 156lbs! My goal? Slim down to 130
and tone me out! Which means I'll be adding about another 10lbs but I can
be 140 and look hot, I can so live with that LOL!

Oh oh oh! Would you like to win one of my products??
Well it's EASY!!! Leave a comment on THIS POST and tell me which product
you would like to have! It can be ANYTHING! Just go to my store HERE pick
the item you would like and tell me WHY you want it! Yes..I want to know why lol
So..when you leave a comment - do this:
Product Link
Why you want it
EMAIL to contact you!

This will go on until August 30th 2010 - then I will use
to select 1 winner for every 10 comments! [ Freebie locating scripts not included ]
10 comments = 1 winner / 20 comments = 2 winners and so on
So spread the word!! AAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!
Most of my products are $3.00 or less right now! Feel free to get your shop on!

Have a look at some of the new stuff!

Have a great one!
Danielle S.