CT Call & Giveaway!

Day 8 into the new year! Yes, this makes me very happy, it's one more day closer to my husband being home!!! WOOOHOOOO!!! This year is starting in the right direction for me, and I am SO grateful for it! But now for the reasons you came here LOL

You could WIN this pack of Textures - just by posting HERE
They're easy to use, ready to go - and you can even desaturated them & use them as a different color! Personally, I love blue, thus the reason my first pack is blue! I think I'll do some blend colors next - those always look pretty! Usually when I'm not the one doing it though...

ALSO! I am running a CT call! You can find all the info for that HERE
I have 3 ladies already on my team but am looking to add a few more! Promise I only bite upon request! Most days anyway....

Okay, time for me to go clean up little Ricky...he's always a huge mess after eating noodles!
Have a GREAT and WONDERFUL Saturday!!!!!

~* Danielle S. *~