My Final Blogger Post!

Well this is it. The change for me has come!
What change you say?!?! I am now EXCLUSIVE at DRS! That's right, one store -
one family. The ladies there just....they're amazing - from the behind the scenes fixer uppers to the talented and fun designers all the way to the wonderful creative ladies who gobble up the goodies and make pages like no tomorrow! I am happy, even if a bit nervous lol

Not only do I have a SINGLE store - I now have a new blog!

I haven't really figured it all out I'm sure there will be changes there but no biggie right?
I will leave this blog up for a while, along with it's freebies. I hope to see you all over on the new blog - hopefully I will make it just as rockin as this one!!!!

PLUS right now you have a chance to get a copy of Afternoon Break FREE!
So go read it and find out how [ so easy it's unbelievable! ]

Go! What are you waiting for?? Hurry up LOL!!

~* Danielle S. *~Link