:: falls over! ::

Okay so I figured that things would SLOW DOWN after the holiday....well I was WRONG lol It's like everything went into over drive or something. Well the great news is..I got accepted to Mamrotka's CT! How totally cool is THAT? So far I've only done a handful of pages, but I'm working my way into it slowly! No harm in going slow darn it. So add my new CT, my designing block of grrrrrr, the kids, the NEXT holiday, Christmas creating, the huge store wide sale that's going to happen for iNDSD, plus the give aways and so on and so forth and just...wow...breath? WHEN am I supposed to do that again? lol Funny, yes I know. Have a look see at the pages I did though, I've been busy trying to get those creative juices flowing again...

Skute Designs - Lottery Ticket!

Mamrotka - Feels Like Heaven

Mamrotka - Autumn Garden

Okay - now I have to run and go get Serenity, she loves her 3 hours at school! After that? Ricky has a doctor appointment - so much to do today and just not enough time in a day to get it all done!!! Hope you all have a great day, thanks for looking!
~* Danielle S. ~*