Interview with Kim B + CU Freebie!

Are you guys ready? I AM I AM!!
My second interview!!! Kim B :: drools :: She has something happening
here real soon - but she's pretty tight fingered about it! So be sure to keep
an eye on her - I know I am!!!

1. Who introduced you to digital scrapbooking?

No-one in particular as I had never even heard of digital scrapbooking until I did a "google" search for wedding card ideas for my sister. lol
I hit a link to Scrapbook Max (which was the first programme I ever used). It all looked so interesting and something I would really enjoy due to doing "paper and crafts" too.
I downloaded the trial version and well the rest is history- I was hooked, hook line and sinker-lol. The more I researched and browsed the more I loved.

2. How long did it take you to find your style of scrapping?

OOOh goodness, I don't think it's changed much from my first LO I ever did( which actually took me over 4 days to finish-lol).
I think we all just adapt to the latest "trends" and "kit creations" like we do with our clothes and looks- but your basics *likes and dislikes* still stay the same.
No matter how hard I try to experiment and achieve a "new look" in my LO's they always land up in my own "style"- which I think is more about the "photo's" and memory,
than the elements or papers of a kit. ;-)

3. What are some of the things that help inspire your creations?

My photo's definetly. I often create kits that are based on an event or a photo I have taken that I really like. Sometimes it's people I am close too, and what they mean to me. I use my emotional attatchments to the people closest to me a lot for inspiration.
Other times it's me just playing and experimenting in Photoshop that will spur off a kit due to an effect or paper I liked that I made.

4. If you could do a collab with one person, who would it be?

OMG- this is such a hard question to answer- hahaha.
There are a ton of fantastic designers out there that I adore and admire greatly and would feel honored to collab with any of them.

5. Everyone has an idol, who is your scrapping idol and why?

Hutchie ( or Chris as we know her)-
She has the most amazing "clean style" of scrapping that I so battle to achieve and it's one I find the hardest to do. She is a MASTER at it and I can sit and stare at her LO's for hours and still not get it right the way she does.
Her eye for composition and placement is just amazing!

6. What are three things you believe every scrapper should know?

1. CNTRL Z - UNDO lol, it's the best thing about digital scrapping, you can fix anything you want without ripping or distroying up a page ;-)
2. Quality of product you are using. If you are printing your LO's there is nothing worse than blured or pixelated elements/papers framing your "memory" that you want to share with others.
3. Have FUN, PLAY and never be scared to try something new ( remember number 1 - lol), it's a great way to learn

7. What is one experience you've had in the scrapping world that will stay with
you forever?

Oh Goodness, there are sooo many, but I think it's that first comment on my first LO I ever uploaded. I was scared as hell as I didn't have a clue about forums and gallery's then.
I will never forget that feeling of "WOW" someone actually liked it- lol, and it made me feel like the 4 day's I spent on it were OK. That person, Jazzy is still one of my closest "internet" friends
TODAY and that's just over 4 years ago.
The other was my first ever mention on Ikea Goddess's blog for my second freebie I had ever made and upped to my new little blog - OMG, I used her blog daily when I was just a "scrapper" and there I WAS-MEEE! LOL I pee-ed in my pants and screamed for hubby who didn't know what the hype was about- he just said "oh that's nice"- lol
And yup- most definitely all my wonderful FRIENDS I have made on line- some will last a life time no matter that the oceans separate us ;-)

8. Why did you decide to open your own store?

I got bitten by the "designing bug" just after doing my second LO and was battled to find an element I wanted, or one that looked good. So decided to try it myself (after much sweet talk to hubby to buy me PSE-lol)
And that's where it started, after 5 months of doing freebies and yakking on my blog- Heather from DSO sent me a message that they were looking for designers and well as they say the rest is HISTORY. lol
I have been at DSO since I started and unfortunately it will be shutting it's doors at the end of October 2010.
It's been my home for years now and I will have some decisions to make in the new year for sure - ( just have to get passed all the year end functions and real life matters first)-
But stay tuned, as my blog will be updated with any news of where I'm going and what I will be doing.
I do NOT plan on retiring as "digi" is running through my veins- lol

Isn't she just AWESOME? She's one of my all time Fav's for sure!
Thank you for coming over and I hope you enjoyed the latest interview! Now...who
should I harass next?? Hurrrm!!
Also - don't forget to grab your CU Freebie!

Download HERE~* Danielle S. *~


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great interview, I really enjoyed reading it

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Must admit it feels really weird reading something I've said on your blog- lol

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