CT Work for Inspirations from Linda!

Mwahahah!!! I'm guest CTing ^__^
Man that makes a gal feel GREAT! I even giggled a bit..but don't tell anyone!

I played with A Touch of Color by Inspirations from Linda
and check out what I did :: beam shine, shine beam ::

Zamera & Serenity were helping me paint Rickys room.
It's STILL not done - need more paint lol - but it's been a fun project!

Do you SEE that look on her face? LOL - okay he's on me...now what do I do?
Ugh - she's actually a great big sister - but if she thinks she can get away with trying to teach my 9 month old how to WALK, she's got another thing comin!!!

I feel better now, have a great day/night!!!

~* Danielle S. *~