The dreaded computer issues!

Everyone of us, at some point - goes through the nightmare of unrelenting
computer issues. Well ... right now I guess it's my turn. My monitor will not work
past the "starting windows " screen - and I can't figure out why!
Anything else I try to do BEFORE that screen it runs fine - I just did a test on my hard drive,
and the screen looks great! I probably just lost ALL my pictures, videos, scrap kits and
everything else I keep on my life line - aka computer - and for the first time
ever I am actually feeling ill with the possibilities. I haven't had time to back
up my comp in a while - which means it's all gone. Possibly.
Hold on to hope! I sure am.

Okay - back to trying to figure out whats going on. THIS is the second reason
I bought a laptop. Go me for smarts!

~* Danielle S. *~