Another Quickpage Freebie!

:: takes a deep deep breath :: Do you smell that? Mmmmmm I love that smell.
Can you guess what it is?? It's the smell of..
FREEBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup - that's right - freebie freebie fuhhhreeeeebeeeeeeeee!
If you don't love em, you just might have more issues then I do!!!

I did these quick pages using my new kit - Zenful.
Now normally I dont do quick pages..and I sure don't do em quick..
but .. I just couldn't stop it. I WANTED to make them..that a lone was enough to
shock me into action LOL! Consider this a sampler of my new kit - and when I say
massive...I mean massive. Least everyone keeps telling me 150MB is massive.

Ya think so too?

Enjoy the new freebie!!!!

You can download this freebie via the store: HERE

Happy Scrappin!

..:: Loyal ::..