Grab Bag CU ok 2

I don't know about YOU - but I LOVE me some CU grab bags.. it's scary how much
I will put into buying a grab bag..especially when they're on deals OMG Im such a GB Pig.
Oh Right lol -
Grab bag will only be available in 2008. No credits needed! Nothing inside the grab bag will ever be sold ANYWHERE else!!!!! I say the stuffs worth about 8 bucks - couple other people say it's worth who knows? The great thing? You pay ONLY 3 dollars! I'd have to say that's a DEAL!
P.S - It's on sale 30% off till Friday!

In the STORE now!

..:: Loyal ::..


Mental Notez said...

I love coming to your site! It is simply beautiful!
Not only is the site gorgeous to look at, your creations are wonderful!
Thank you so much for sharing YOU with us!