Words & New Product & CU Freebie!

So...what do you think? Yeah I KNOW - I just did a revamp ... but .. I'm just never happy if I can't change SOMETHING! lol. This seemed to be the lesser evil at the moment. Course I did lose a lot of links - but I'll get those back.
Pink isn't normally my thing...but I'm wondering if it isn't time for a change in life. You know...the main thing is always finances. Which sucks big time...I'm trying very hard to save money. We need a new truck...an AC unit..a 8 foot privacy fence [dogs keep jumping the durn fence we have]...a new dishwasher..
A million and one things. No matter how much you get, something else comes up and you have to save for that too. I hate that about life. I've managed to save about 110 dollars in two months.
For me that's incredible. Amazing ... DOES NOT HAPPEN. Seriously lol. The only way I don't spend it...is it if I have it in cash and hidden away from everyone else. If it's in the bank...I'll probably spend it. That's what happened to the last 100 I had in saving..

ANYWAY - you guys probably don't wanna know about all that boring stuff anymore then I do. So on with the real news!

My first set of overlays!!!!! I was actually working on making a butterfly out of brushes..
you know, bored..creative mood...didn't make butterflies lol. Anyway - 5 CU OLs for your creating pleasure!
You can check them out: HERE
Price: 1.50
[ On SALE! 25% off - 1.13! ]

My oldest daughter - Zamera .. saw these lil girls and about lost her mind.
She wanted to make some. Now okay yes, she can't actually make them herself,
but she loves helping Mommy make stuff. So we made you guys
9 little flower girls - 300 DPI - full size
You can get them : HERE

And that's it for now lol - hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

..:: Loyal ::..


cinmcw said...

These are absolutely adorable!!! Thank you so much for sharing and so generously applying "CU" status! :)