A Hump Day Freebie!

It snowed!!!! Last night =]
I was late getting out of bed this morning * and that's new when?* -
so I picked up my baby girl [ Serenity ] who was still in her nighty [ cute lil bug print gown ]
hollared at my Trouble [ my oldest, Zamera ] to hurry up and grab her coat -
when I literally stepped outside and froze mid step.

I blinked...blinked again...and sure as snot, there was white powder all over the place.
Course because there is the snow, there is the ICE all over my window. -.-
Riiiight okay, no problem. I felt bad because I hadn't put Serenity in anything warmer then
her jammies, but it takes a lot of cold to bug my kids. Not me tho....just thinking about snow
makes me cold!

Right okay hehehe - here is a goodie for you all today!
I used my kit Deep Elegance - which you can check out HERE
[it's 40% off for a little bit longer!]

This is not for commercial use. Personal use works for me =]
If you would like to use it for s4h-s4o, just talk with me.
Text not on QP. QP is 12x12 - 300 DPI.

You can download this freebie - HERE

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!
..:: Loyal ::..