- Venting - So you see I AM human

Normally I keep my mouth shut and my opinions to myself - and of course
spill them onto my close friends, even if they don't agree with me all the time.

Over the past few weeks I have been getting more and more
and MORE disgusted by the way America is today. I LOVE my country -
NEVER doubt that - but America is going down hill quickly.

Today I signed onto AOL to check email - work related of course -
and there on AOL's home page...is a shot of Paula Abdoul - and omg
I hope I didn't butcher that TO BADLY ] - sitting in her closet. This closet is
LOADED with clothes! More shoes then I think I've EVER seen - shuweet!
All I can do is shake my head [ after appreciating the sight of course! ]
Why? Because while she is sitting infront of her closet that is worth probably
oh I dont know...a million or more? Your average every day PARENT, or maybe not even a parent, is STRUGGLING to make ends meet. Bending over backwards,
twisting left & right, turning inside & out - just pay those dang bills and keep
food on the table. But hey look! Are those the NEW line of Summer clothes?

Baseball players COMPLAIN that a couple million dollars a year ISN'T A GOOD ENOUGH PAY CHECK! " No sweety, I can't get you that tinker bell outfit, it's 32 dollars baby I'm sorry. " <-- That's what WE NORMAL AVERAGE people have to tell our children. WHY? Because our meager 5 grand a month, if that , ISN'T A GOOD ENOUGH PAY CHECK! A trip to the Denver zoo, or maybe the aquarium? How about the Six Flags? Crap, my tire blew and I already used my spare! The electric bill is HOW MUCH? We sit here stressing, freaking out, crying, TRYING to make things work as best we possibly can - and these people, little stars that they apparently are, sit on their multi-million dollar asses and party. Excuse me....HAVE YOU NOTICED THE SITUATION PEOPLE?!?!?!?!? Holy crap would it be SO BAD, to take TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS & give it to a school? How about 5 grand donated to a local church? What about buying some new computers for some schools? How's the research going into better & more efficient cars? Oh you mean the research no one can afford anymore? This is just sick. It's depressing & heart breaking. People are loosing their homes because of the crap that's happening. Can I help them? No, I can't - I can barely help myself - and it KILLS ME that I can't lend a hand. When was the last time YOUR mayor gave himself/herself a raise? There are all these so called stars - who do nothing for us. NOT A THING. EXCEPT! Show us how to fuck up. Drugs? YES! Cheating? YES! Diets of death? YES! WHERE did all the good people go? WHERE are all the POSITIVE role models for our children? OUR ADULTS EVEN! I miss what we used to be - how things once were - and I WISH that people would GROW UP. Who CARES about Brad Pitt? SO WHAT about Jen? GET OVER THE DRAMA AND FOCUS ON THE STUFF THAT MATTERS!!!!!! - LIFE. And yeah, I know - this blog post, will mean nothing to anyone who CAN make a difference - because they don't seem care do they? Enjoy your next damned show of American Idol - hope that's another couple thousand dollars that goes down the drain with smiles. Danielle S. The Urban Fairy

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Maggie said...

Very well said hun - applause from me

Titzi said...

OMG you said it and I agree with so much.

Dea said...

Amen, sister!

angelfaye said...

I'm not an American - but I applaud you!It's the same everywhere and while that doesn't help, it is a fact and I wish I knew how to change it!xxxx