Weekend Sale!!!!

Man o Man have I been a BUSY BUSY BUSY me!!!!
Already this month I've done the military ball, the denver zoo &
the denver aquarium! BTW - the food there is dangerous, don't eat it!

Well I have some GOOD news! I'm having another baby!!!!
3 is enough, plenty, no more. This is his LAST shot at a son lol
After this, he gets snipped. I am SO happy about this I've decided to
share =] For this weekend all my kits are 75% off & all my Cu stuff, including my Cu4Cu , is 55% off! Mind you my Cu4Cu is sold ONLY at OSDS.
Other wise this sale can also be found at all my other stores!

Sweet N Sassy / Terminally Unique Designs / Treasured Scraps / Haven Designz

Now I am off to go LAY DOWN, I've been sick since Sunday :: pouts ::
starting to feel human again but I don't want to push my luck.

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!!!!!!

~* The Urban Fairy *~


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