Been so tired!

Well, I finally got in to the OB and I am now 12 weeks and 5 days pregnant. So far there is only one heartbeat and one little body - I am praying it stays that way lol. I've been so tired and felt so off that I was sure there has to be more then one. Apparently there isn't - that has been found lol.
Well because of my NEED to sleep and just sit down - I haven't been able to do a lot.
I have done some minor creating, I have a small July 4th themed grab bag that I will be putting out here soon. I can't wait for the 4th of July - BBQ, kids, music & with any luck a pool!!!!

Well that's my excuse for being such a bad blogger and scrappin....I will get on it all here soon though - have a GREAT weekend & enjoy the holidays!

Danielle S.


Hezalin said...

Start your vitamins girlie!!!!!
4 months and counting, 6 more to go!!