Okay so there are TONS TONS TONS of sales getting ready to EXPLODE all over the scrapping world...but these are just some of the ADs I have for those sales. Now you KNOW that OSDS, One Stop Digi Shop, is all over this sale thing. So don't forget to check that out. There is also a whollop of sales happening at Haven Designz, that place is amazing!! Treasured Scraps [ the Wacky Sale Store ] is all over the sale game & even Digi-Shoppe has jumped in.
And if I'm right, which I usually am [ except when I'm wrong ] Scrap Girls is having a sale to!

Alright I am outta here - I have a ton of stuff left to add to my upcoming kit & am way behind schedual - wait...that's nothing new! hehe - Happy Canada day and GOD BLESS AMERICA BABY!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Danielle S.