New Tutorials!

Thank you Kajira!! She used my kit Clarey for this one - bright is good =]
You can check out this tutorial HERE

Thank you tons Tawanda!!! She used my kit A Vintage Touch!
You can check out her tutorial HERE

I also got another goodie from a friend, Maggie! She used my A Vintage Touch kit - but
shes not a tutorial writer lol - yet, she is a woman of many skills!
Thank you tons Maggie!!!

Update on PCS and Prego!
It looks like my husband is going to have to have surgery! He has a cyst pushing against
some nerves under the shoulder ball bone [ er.. I think thats what he said LOL ] and he also has torn something in his shoulder - so that may get us out of his PCS orders! Not exactly the way I was looking for it to happen, but hey we'll take what we can get at this point!
I still haven't been seen by an OB - much to my GP's displeasure. She even sent them a note about something or other, no idea what though. Never tick off my doctor, she rules. I am 9 - 11 weeks along & having my backside handed to me by this baby!!! If I want to eat, everything looks NASTY....if the baby wants to eat...I have to force it down my throat. This is going to be fun...eventually LOL

Okay - I'm off to go finagle with fiddius!

PS - I've got some new stuff up at OSDS!