Got my Etsy goin on!!!!

WOOOHOOOO!! I'm doing a happy dance over here! I had a sheer BLAST making
these flowers - I think I like making my own little combos in colors and styles!
Have another set to list and more to make - yup..hooked. Which means my designing
is taking an ever bigger time hit! THATS OKAY!!! Yup, it sure is. I'm also learning how
to crochet! Man I hope I spelled that right lol - not doing to bad either, makes my mom
laugh but that's a good thing! Right okay, well I've got two bundles of Prima flowers up
at Etsy [ psst - link is to the right! ] Each bundle has 27 pieces..and no..I did NOT plan
that, so I'm all " that's cool " about it right now ^__^

0.0 must go save the 2 year old before I have to cut all her lovely hair off...
she keeps trying to put her hair up on her own and it's so sweet!! So not a good idea!

Thanks for looking & have an AWESOME day!!!!!!

Danielle S.