Hi everyone! I've received a few emails about my TOU - mainly
the CU section - here is a copy of my TOU :

The basics to what you can and can not do! Well, for my products anyway =] If you have ANY questions, feel free to ask!

Terms Of Use for The Urban Fairy Products

Do NOT change my products - an overlay is an overlay, a frame is a frame, a flower is a flower. Do not make them into anything else such as brushes -
doodles [You may add my products to creating a doodle], so on and so forth.

Personal Use:
You MAY create anything for personal use - such as Cards, Quickpages,Crafts,
IM Letter with the proper credit [-- no smaller then pt size 8 [ unless a pixel font, no smaller then 5 pt ]
You MAY use my kits in your tutorials if you so choose - please link back to the store where you bought the kit.

You may NOT add my items to kits for resale or freebie [Unless it's a Brag Book or Quickpage of YOUR design-- FREE ONLY for PU Use]
You may NOT redistribute these items in part or in whole for any reason
You may NOT rename these files
You may NOT claim them as you own

Credit required only with IM Letters - if you choose to give credit in your TOU then THANK YOU!


Scrap 4 Hire - Scrap 4 Offer:

You MAY use my products in these way for design of any kind.
You MAY generate profit in this means from my products.

Anything made with my products for S4H-S4O must be in JPG format for use. NO LAYERS.

You may NOT redistribute these items in part or in whole for any reason
You may NOT rename these files
You may NOT claim them as you own


Commercial Use:

You bought it - it's yours, do what you want.

Do NOT claim the orginal file as yours.
Do NOT share my products in part or in whole with anyone.
Do NOT rename the orginal files.


Clip Art:

Commercial Use clip art - you must change the clip art before selling it.
IE - make stickers, add to cards, create overlays for your kit papers & so on.


Credit is never Required but always appreciated!
The Urban Fairy -

If you have questions, comments, ideas exc exc feel free to contact me @

Want to show me what you've done? Send it! I love to see what's been created!


Name: Danielle S.
Designer Name: The Urban Fairy [ previously known as LoyalKD ]

- Danielle S.
- The Urban Fairy

My commercial use products: YES they are USE AS IS.
Unless stated otherwise all of my Cu products are use as is.
A good amount of my Cu4Cu products are use as is also - which is why
they're a tad pricey. If you're not sure about something feel free to ask!!! I only bite when
it's a special request ^_^

I've been darn busy lately - took the kids and mom to the Zoo yesterday,
walked my happy arse off I tell ya! Have much to extract when I get the time..
and some updated products for my etsy soon too! I've started to make flowers
with primas! I like the prima flowers, they're a good texture & make pretty clusters!

Right okay - well there's my TOU - if you need any more FYI on it, just let me know!

Danielle S.
The [ ever so wiped out ] Urban Fairy