NEW kit! Just A Blush

FINALLY! I have completed a new kit LOL
OMG have we been busy!!! Zamera has earned her Yellow belt in Kenpo!
Serenity hurt her little foot the day after fathers day, she ended up with a nasty
infection that could have ended with amputation, BUT thankfully - all is well!!!!!
Scared me good though, my poor lil girl. My 6 month old son
is thinking about cutting some teeth - maybe - me now...he is
trying to figure out how to get his knees under him!!!!! I am in so much trouble lol

Okay now you guys have to check out this kit, I think it's very pretty!

Comes with 55 fun elements, including girls, fairies, sparklies, flowers & more!
How can you have a giliry kit without sparklies? I mean seriously!

Papers are always my favorite part of a kit. Make it or break it is my opinion!
This kit is on sale for $3.50 at DSD for 1 week! But have no fear, I have sales
coming - always! I hope everyone of you are doing well & don't forget to
peek back here and there - hoping to have a freebie soon!