A Lil' Heart

I just wanted to stop for a minute, something we very rarely do as a person -
and say THANK YOU, to those of you who have gifted me with these wonderful awards,
new questions, kind comments & just all around sweetness.

There is never a dull moment when I'm around here.
I kid you not! Someone is always up to something lol. Moonie is always blaming me
for her getting into trouble! [ Which I tell her to do..but shhh! ] - Lippy cracking the whip, Kel pushing out one blinkie after another, Sonya going cross eyed and growling lol & Kate creating new Fairy Dream kits that make drool...:: sighs :: someone get the mop and bucket!

Through my adventure of blog & design, I have come to meet many new people,
some I absolutely adore, some I'd like to strangle. Okay so most of them I adore.
I'm not so great with this heart to heart thing, but I couldn't help it this time.
A lot of people tell those of us who "live" on the internet that we're loosers, that we
need to 'grow up and get a real life' - ' those people on the net don't matter!' - ' you don't even know them! they could be some old hairy man for all you know '

Well, to a point I'd say that's right. Then again, maybe not. I might not have touched a great many people that I know, but I DO know them. I DO trust them. They ARE my friends.
Even if they're a few thousand miles away, they are still there.

Also, real quick...I'd like to extend my love and hugs to two very special women -
Patty & Witchy. You both have been forced to go through something no one should
ever have to endure - I want you two to know, that no matter what, my email is always
open to both of you - even if you just need to scream at someone. Thank you, for continuing on & for showing others that you can get back up & try again. Kiss your miricles and cherish them.

As for me, I'm outta here.
..:: Loyal ::..