Madness & Mayhem!

Okay's been a LONG couple of days. Inlaws Grandma O and Mom AND brother
came into town Feb 21st, stayed till Feb 25th. My mom came in Feb 25th and then
his dad came in Feb 26th! >.< My mother leaves March 2nd and his dad leaves March 3rd lol
My sister will be here in the morning with her 3 kids until Wens - holy snot balls right?
Well ... I had to switch from my normal CPU to my back up CPU because SOMETHING
is eating my good CPU. I've lost one of my externals to lord knows what - amazingly enough
just two days AFTER I burned everything from it - can we say timing???

AND now - my friend who is roughly 29 weeks along in her pregnancy ....
well, just cross your fingers and hope for the best. It's been a long couple of weeks
and thing ... it may finally be coming to an end and it better be a darn good one!

I've done nothing but CLEAN for the past two days. See I'm one of those people who
must DEEP clean everything I clean until I move on to the next thing. Well, apparently
that just doesn't work so well when you have 3 kids and no help. The husband works
his back side off - so I try to leave the poor man alone ya know? My house finally
looks better - it's not there yet - but it's amazing how much more open it is in here.
Gatta love my mom - I clean just like her LOL

Well - that's the basics of what feels like an eternity ....
hopefully I will get this comp digi friendly so I can get back in order!
There's a new Newsletter freebie coming from OSDS - so if you want it you need to
subscribe to the YAHOO NEWSLETTER - not the store newsletter.
Have to get that shut down since I can't make it work the way I need it to!
You can find the subscribe to the yahoo thingy do bobber whatcha ma callit on the front
page of the store. I need to make some store updates to - sheesh, it's never ending!

Must scoot - children to harass and a mother to turn gray mwahahahha

~* Danielle S. *~