My Mom is 49 Today!!!

Wow...49.... I can't believe it...
She got breast cancer when I was a teenager. Put a lot of stress
on the family and all that jazz. We we're scared for a bit but she kicked
that cancer right in the kisser! That's my mom for you LOL
One of the many reasons I'm SO very happy she's another year older you know?
I may be 26 myself, but I don't know what I'd do without my mommy.
She IS my best friend, I DO call her for ANYTHING.
I'm grateful every single day that I have her - so I'm going to share
my happiness and offer my products at 49% off until Feb 20th in ALL my stores!
This includes Kits, Designer Tools, CU4CU and even my new products that are
coming soon! Enjoy & thank YOU for reading!

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~* Danielle S. *~