V-Day already?

Eh, just another day for me! Yes I'm odd - I don't get all hyped up about the holiday -
it's okay, I'm only as crooked as you need me to be! Course it doesn't help that my darling 2 year old smashed her face into the wheel of my chair yesterday. She's feeling fine, doing well
and her happy typical self today but that doesn't mean I'm not ready to set this chair
on fire! If I had the money to replace it, I probably would.

My poor lil girl...glad she's handling it better then I am! Course how she can even
SEE is beyond me, but leave it to one of my kids to fingure it allout and make it work just fine. Go her. okay - store stuffies!
There are some freebies listed on the STORE BLOG,
some new designers have joined THE STORE & I've pulled myself
from two of my stores BUT I am trying to wiggle my way into at least
one different store that I would just be totally STOKED to join, ya know?
OH! The sale is almost over so you might want to take some heavy advantage while you can!
Pspgirl has all her products on sale for ONE DOLLAR each! Until ooooh, tomorrow?
Many of us have a 49% off sale going on to celebrate
my mothers birthday! That ends on the 20th. Course she will be HERE with us
for a few days on Feb 25th! Oh Im totally excited! My mommy r0cks!
Yes - I'm totally stoked - not hard for me to do.

Ugh - time to get this day started. I am so not feeling it today.
Just so tired today - need some pick me up!

Have a great one everyone & enjoy your day of loooooooooooove lol

~* Danielle S. *~