Took some ME time tonight

It was much needed let me tell you. Today was probably the most active day I have had to endure for a while. I'm not lazy - I'm just not used to being pulled in 5 directions at once. I give orders, they are followed. I say be here at this time, and it's done. I say I'll do this thing for you at this time & low n behold, it happens. Not today though. If it COULD be against me, it was. Enough about the UH! though, here's what I did tonight.

Kit: FUnky Monkey by L. Grier [ Sweet Shoppe Designs ]

Designer: Jofia Dvoe
I used some stuff from a couple of her products but they're all hers.

It's already 10pm & I'm sure my husband fell asleep on the couch.
It's wonderful to type that - I am SO GLAD he is FINALLY home.
Better go wake him up and get him to bed though.

You all have a great Night/Day!!!

..:: Loyal ::..